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The number one tool for city development planning. Built on top of Web World Wind.

Perfekt City is a tool for visualizing how different factors affect to the the city development. With our tool you can easily take a look at different datasets concerning the city of Helsinki, such as but not limited to bus stop traffic, building information, and OpenAhjo items. The user interface is simple to and allows you to select different pre selected datasets easily. We are also developing a functionality to do filtering on the datasets as well as do some temporal filtering. We see that this tool provides aid especially in city development planning and in creation of city development plans.

The current version is a web application that makes use of NASA Web World Wind framework. We have focused on Helsinki area, to develop the first phase of our tool. City of Helsinki provies several open datasets, from example Helsinki Region Infoshare and OpenAhjo. With World Wind we are able to easily visualize, both spatially and temporally, different datasets. Our goal is also provide meaningful analysis, which no other tool currently provides.

Perfekt City is built by a group of computer science students who have a passion for hacking stuff. Because we want to continue developing the concepts we have created during hackathons we have founded a company to do that more easily. You can read more about us here.

Our application is fully open source and still in development, with new features and fixes made practically everyday! You can find the source code here and contribute. You can also take a look at the backlog there.


Perfekt City is a modern web application, meaning that you don't have install anything and that it runs beautifully on every device.


We spent a lot time polishing up the interface of the application, so that you don't have to spent ton of time in order to learn how everything works!


We're addressing the needs of many rather than providing a solution to a single target group.

Made for people

Our tool provides something for everybody.

  • Citizens

    Citizens can easily see data concerning their neighbourhood. Additionally they can see how their current neighbourhood has evolved and get a better understanding of where the development of their neigbourhood is heading.

  • City planners

    Planning the development of the city is enhanced with relevant datasets and insights.

  • Policymakers

    We provide historical data of different policies that have been passed as well as the areas they affect. This benefits goverment officials in development of current and new policies.

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Built with World Wind

Perfekt City uses NASA Web World Wind to visualize open data sets from city of Helsinki.

"Avoimet paikkatietoaineistot" provides data about city buildings.

From Helsinki Region Infoshare our app fetches data about city transit.

OpenAhjo data set provides information decisions made by Helsinki policymakers.

You can find the source code from our GitHub repository, as well as the documentation.

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The team behind Perfekt City

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    Perttu Lähteenlahti


  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    Felix Lindholm


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    Jonne Huotari


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    Jonne Airaksinen


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    Henri Malkki


Check it out!

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